Beautiful blond woman wearing white dress with black polka dots holding a jar of CocoDRY drying powder and a kabuki brush

Why should I use CocoDRY drying & setting powder?

Umm the question is more like, why wouldn't you use it? No more standing in front of a fan before being able to get dressed or ruining bed sheets with bronzer stains. CocoDRY fake tan drying powder takes the stress and mess out of your tanning routine making the development time more comfortable.

Will CocoDRY ruin my tan?

Heck no, the natural ingredients actually protect your tan while developing. No more smears or streaks! 

What type of tans does CocoDRY work with?

We don’t have a type. CocoDRY works with all brands and types of self tan or spray tan, we got you beauty!

Is CocoDRY a self tanner?

Nope. CocoDRY is your fave tanning solution's BFF! Our setting powder does not contain any DHA so will not tan your skin. It will set your tan, protect it, and make your tanning routine more comfortable and less messy.

How long will my CocoDRY jar last?

Beauties that use CocoDRY™ over their entire body will get about 15 applications from the jar (some more, some less depending on how much you like to use). 

How do I apply CocoDRY?

After self tanning or spray tanning, dip your CocoDRY brush into jar and tap off excess powder. Gently dust the powder on skin, do not rub. Can be used over entire body or just in areas that are sticky or crease such as décolletage, elbows, knees, smile lines under bum cheeks. Dress immediately and rinse off your tan as normal! 

How do I clean my CocoDRY brush?

Just as you would clean any of your makeup brushes.  Use warm water, gentle soap and air dry.

Can it be used on sensitive skin?

CocoDRY is made from natural ingredients and contains Australian Ivory clay that is known to be gentle on sensitive skin as well as a fragrance free option. Always patch test first and if irritation occurs, shower immediately and seek medical advice. 

What if I’m still sticky?

You can keep dusting CocoDRY powder until you are comfortable or even a top up throughout the day!

Will CocoDRY prevent all transfer of bronzers?

There are many types of tans on the market with varying levels of bronzers so although we can’t say that it will stop all transfer, it will significantly reduce it. 

If you have any other questions or feedback email us at hello@cocodry.com.au