Always do you queen, but let us set your tan.


It’s been one of those weeks, you’ve missed your Thursday tanning session and you’ve got Saturday drinks with the squad in an hour. Sure, you’ve stepped out of the bathroom as a Tahitian Goddess but you’re thinking there’s no way you can head outside smelling and feeling like that [if you know, you know].


That’s where we come in. A tanning hack so good that you’ll think you’ve swiped right to a Hemsworth!


CocoDRY Fake Tan Setting Powder is your new tanning BFF. Formulated from all-natural ingredients like Australian Ivory Clay and winner of the Organic Beauty Award for 'Best Clean Self Tan Must-Have' for 2021!




To us, sunless tanning isn’t just a word, it’s a lifestyle. Founded by former tan-aholic. Like many pasty gals who were desperate to transform into a bronzed bombshell. The tanning oils, the days on the beach and the committed relationship with a tanning bed. That was until she was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2011.


Opening spray tanning businesses in both Canada and Australia, We [literally] became a sunless tanning expert. Perfecting a glow that mimicked a month in the Greek Islands. With the goal to spread the word that bronzed bods don't only happen at the beach, they can also happen by booking an appointment with your tanning pro or your fave self-tanner. 


“I couldn’t get enough of the confidence that comes with giving someone a fresh, glowing tan but I knew they were tired of walking around on eggshells until it dried and having to starfish on the couch until they could shower. Just like all of you, I went out of my way to avoid ruining my favourite clothes, sheets and towels after my tan. CocoDRY was crafted for people like you and I who love to get their glow on but don’t have time for all the mess that comes with it. It’s time for less waiting and more living!” - Founder


Being tanned to perfection should never come with compromise. That’s why every jar of CocoDRY is made with ethically sourced, local raw ingredients, vegan and always cruelty free. We’re also doing our bit for the environment by using recyclable packaging.

With no pore clogging nasties in sight, we’re helping you live with confidence and an on-point tan. 




  • Australian Certified Toxic-Free® 
  • Made Safe™
  • Allergy Certified®
  • Cruelty-Free Certified™
  • Vegan-Friendly Certified™

What are you waiting for? It’s time to give CocoDRY a glow.