Woman with red lipstick and white teeth taking a bite of a block of chocolate that says CocoDRY

That moment we realised chocolate was truly good for us (well, for our skin at least) 🙌

We’ve enriched your CocoDRY setting powder with nature’s own beauty superfood – cocoa. That’s right! Chocolate that is actually good for your skin!
Cocoa is known as an incredibly potent antioxidant that helps to restore, rejuvenate and protect. Clocking black and green tea on the antioxidant scale, cocoa supports your skin’s natural defence system against harmful free radicals, known for their (unwelcomed) ability to speed up the ageing process. It truly is the food of the gods!
So, we know it tastes good but what really can cocoa do for our skin?
♥ It’s an invigorator
Cocoa invigorates your blood flow to provide your skin with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and oxygen. This helps to repair and replenish your skin cells for that gorgeous glow we all chase!
♥ It’s a skin clearer
Not only are antioxidants incredible at protecting our skin but they do a mighty fine job of clearing it too! Cocoa is packed with anti-inflammatories to calm and soothe blemished skin whilst antioxidants like vitamin a, e and zinc help to address acne at the source.
♥ It’s a hydrator
Cocoa is rich in essential fatty acids that support nourishment and moisture. This means whilst you’re enjoying your gorgeous glow, your skin is LOVING the extra drink of hydration.
♥ It’s a protector
Thanks to its impressive artillery of antioxidants, cocoa protects your skin from free radical damage and oxidative stress which both not only speed up the ageing process but leave our skin feeling lack lustre and let’s face it, a bit sad. Working to eradicate these damaged cells, cocoa keeps your complexion looking and feeling fresh.
♥ It’s a rejuvenator
Cocoa gives your skin a caffeine boost! Whilst this won’t replace your morning coffee (seriously, don’t take away my life source) it will give your skin a serious pick me up. Working to boost dull complexion and address uneven skin tone, cocoa works its rejuvenating magic to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing.