About Us (version 2)

Here at CocoDRY we are fake tanning experts! We’ve developed and used different powder formulas for years in our tanning businesses and excited to finally bring our luxury drying powder to self tanners and technicians across the globe!

Do you have a 'tanning towel', 'tanning sheets' or specific 'tanning clothes'? We sure did, sitting there trying not to smear our tan or have anyone touch us until we could shower. That is soooo 2010 😉

Our tan drying and setting powder dries your tan instantly, provides superior adhesion to your skin to reduce transfer of bronzers on clothing or bedding, is deodorizing to mask sunless odours and protects your tan from smearing and rubbing off while developing. Say goodbye to sticky, smelly, messy tans for good!

CocoDRY is a natural, toxic-free powder, no nasties here! It's enriched with organic ingredients leaving your skin feeling silky soft. Even better, all of the ingredients are locally sourced here in Australia, vegan and cruelty free. 

Set it and forget it! Go ahead and tan any time of the day or night, set it with CocoDRY and forget it until your normal development shower time. 

CocoDRY is your new tanning hack! You won’t know how you tanned without it xx