Wedding tanning tips

Wedding tanning tips

1. Have a trial

Probably the most important tip when it comes to getting a spray tan for your wedding is to have a trial. Most brides book their trial tan for their hen’s night or before your trial makeup appointment at least 4 weeks prior. This will allow enough time for the tan to completely come off before you reapply for the big day.

2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Start exfoliating sooner than later! Three days before your spray tan is usually a good time to start. Exfoliate gently again the night before or morning of your tan. This is such a critical step to have a clean canvas for the tan to adhere to, remove any build up of deodorant and will assist with the tan fading evenly.

3. When to book your tan

The optimum spray tan colour is on day two so if you are getting married on a Saturday, plan to have your tan on the Thursday.

4. The day of your spray tan

Your skin should be free from moisturiser, makeup, deodorant and perfume on the day of your spray tan. If you are planning to wax or shave make sure to do so a minimum of 24-48 hours before your tan.

5. On your wedding day

Before putting on your wedding dress apply CocoDRY™ drying powder on the areas where your dress is tight as this will help absorb the sweat which can sometimes make small amounts of tan transfer onto your dress. This is rare but can happen especially during those hot summer months.

Stay golden x

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